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A brief history of "Elsewaves'

“Elsewaves”  is the culmination of a lifelong friendship between Chris Kinkade and  Rick Knotts. It is also a definitive creative step for them both as they  each bring a lifetime of experience, decades of performing and creating  music and art, to bring this project into the world right on cue.....

It's been in the making for awhile...

Chris  and Rick met when they were still in their teens. Chris skipped  graduation ceremonies in Williamsville, New York and flew to Seattle to  join Rick and “Rail & Co”, a very popular rock and roll band in the  Pacific Northwest. Their friendship was forged there and then and stayed  alive long after Chris  left to pursue other creative  adventures. They never lost touch and never stopped creating music together  even though they haven’t lived in the same state for 42 years. They  would meet every year and write music, it would just flow.

Real music for real times...

Be sure to check out all of their latest releases. Chris & Rick are dedicated to making music that will leave a lasting impression. 

what we do

"Ever Falling"- Elsewaves

"Sunset of 1000 Embraces"- Elsewaves

"12 Sighs"- Elsewaves

Rick Knotts performing "12 Sighs" in Santa Barbara

"Elsewaves" by Elsewaves

A truly "Elsewavian" instrumental...


"Transmogrified" - to change or alter greatly and often with grotesque or humorous effect. 

"Double Rainbows"

A song of unapologetic optimism....

"Reckless Splendor"

The very first "Elsewaves" song recorded. Done live on one take in Lake Arrowhead, California.

"Forever September"

A love song in the truest most everlasting sense. 


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